Off to a new Adventure

Wow. A six month break, and boy were we busy. I cannot accurately capture everything that happened while I was taking a break from blogging, but along with house sales, car sales, two moves and a dog acquisition, I am now living in the great state of Washington. Unfortunately no hiking, and very little work on my safari pics.

We have left the great state of Texas, and left behind my good friend and hiking partner, Kerry. Fortunately, an airplane ride can take us anywhere. So while I miss a lot of things about TX, I am now motivated to actually take all of those hikes we just “talked” about. In one week Kerry and I hope to summit Humphrey’s Peak – the highest point in the state of Arizona. With that in mind, I thought I better start blogging again – mostly to go over my equipment list to remember what is important to bring on a day hike. Lucky for me, I already found all of my hiking gear out of (what seems like) 2,000 unpacked boxes that take all the space in our new two car garage.

I am living in a beautiful spot on the Kitsap peninsula in Washington state. I am the lucky new “Dog Mom” to Indie, my cute and funny little terrier mix pup.  Hopefully I will start to blog all of our little hikes in our new place.  I have to give a shout out to Indies original Dog Mom, Nikki, because I know how hard it must have been to let go of this bundle of energy and fun.  Believe me when I tell you that she is a happy sister to Bailey and loves her new home. IMG_2679

For now, I will leave you with a promise to post our hiking pics and story. And I promise I will start to sort through the 1,000 safari pictures – such a daunting task!

2 thoughts on “Off to a new Adventure

  1. Sounds awesome . Just left Rebecca in Livingston as I head back to San Antonio. Incredible happy for you and Wayne .hope to visit or have you up to Livingston.

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