First Hike of 2015

Kerry and I were on a hiking trip last weekend.  It was about 3/4’s of the way to our destination when I realized we were in Africa this time last year, completing our climb of Kilimanjaro and getting ready to go on a safari.  We love January, apparently, and unconsciously planned our first hike of the year during the same date range.  When we realized this, we agreed that January is going to have to be an annual hiking trip for both of us.  With that in mind, we started thinking of exotic southern latitude destinations…

2015 did bring us south, but only as far south and still within the US borders.  We went to the Davis Mountain State Park in West Texas.  Not as far south as Big Bend, but still a rugged and enjoyable region to hike.  In addition, close enough to visit Fort Davis, Marfa, and Alpine TX.   Should you visit?  It is a nice place to go for a weekend hike.  If you really have to travel to get here, I would suggest you go to Big Bend in addition to the Davis Mountains.

My travel was brutal – Sweet Hubby drove me to the terminal, I hopped on the Ferry to Seattle, caught a Taxi to the airport, flew 4 + hours to San Antonio, where Kerry picked me up for the 7 hour ride from San Antonio to the Davis Mountains.  I’m going to seriously re-think the travel time before I do this again.  In Central Standard Time – I was up at 4:30 am and arrived at 11:00 pm.  Yes, I’m crazy.

Davis Mountains

Davis Mountains from the McDonald Observatory

Davis Mountains

Davis Mountains

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