90 items and I’m not packing the cooking and camping gear!

I now have 75 of the 90 items in my packing list on the ground, waiting to be shoved into stuff sacks or into my duffel. I get to bring 2 carry-ons (my day-pack is always my purse and additionally I’ll bring a zip tote). Now I’m sorting through 1) items into the day-pack, 2) items into the carry-on tote, and 3) items into the duffel to be checked.

I rarely check items that cannot be replaced. I will wear my hiking boots, and carry an extra day’s clothing. But this time, there is no getting around checking the sleeping bag. I have a connection in Dallas and so I’m crossing my fingers, and praying that my baggage makes it with me on the trip. I’m not worried, because I know there is an Academy Sports on our route. I looked it up on the internet. It is a good reason to have a charged smart phone with you at all times.  What’s on my list?

25 articles of clothing
5 Food items
10 Medical items
20 Personal/Toiletry items
30 Items that fall into my Gear (all encompassing) category

It is too much – but I’m car camping and Hotel staying and I won’t have to carry things far. I tend to overpack. Here are the items I deem essential:
Socks – Hiking
Hat – Warm
Sun Shielding hat
Jacket or sweater
Rain Jacket or poncho
Rain Pants
Cell Phone
Water sleeve
Emergency Kit (fire starter, space blanket, whistle, duct tape)
Head Lamp
Maps and Travel books
Poop kit (poop bags, paper, trowel, antiseptic wash)
quick dry towel
Reading Glasses
sleeping bag
Allergy Medication
Insect Repellent
Moleskin/blister bandaids
Pain Reliever (Tylenol, Aspirin, Advil)
Toiletry Bag:
Day/Night face lotion
Lip Balm
Soap (bar or liquid)
Tooth Paste

That is just about 40 items.  Notice I have day/night face lotion on my essential list – the most terrifying thing for me is a new wrinkle showing up on my face.

Here is my list of Need it, but not essential:
flip flops/shower shoes
Long-sleeved shirt
Sweat Shirt
herbal Tea
Instant Coffee
Trail Bars
Batteries (for flashlight/headlamp)
Corkscrew/bottle opener
rope bracelet
Gauze Pads
Water disinfectant
Antiseptic wipes
Comb or Brush
Eye Cream
Face Wash
Hair Cleansing/Conditioner
Lotion, Body and hand

And my Fluff:
Bath Towel coverup
Bathing Suit
Camp shoes
Small Purse
Socks, low riders
Sweat Pants/Shirt for around camp
Electrolyte mix for water
A good book you have been meaning to read
Laundry Bag
Phone Arm Band
Sleeping bag insert – good for those not so clean hotel room sheets
Hand Warmers
Small Notepad
Bath Towel
Mirror – 10 x

Its a long list – and there could be more! Kerry, after all, is packing the tent, sleeping mattresses, and the camp kitchen. And all the pet gear. All together that is probably another 100 items.

I am missing a few of my essentials, so I’m off to the store. I was going to skip the rain pants, but the weather is stormy in the regions where we will be hiking. I remember the day Kerry and I realized how important rain pants are. It was over a year ago when we ran into a Texas rain storm (that means big rain drops) during a training hike. We gallantly threw on our rain jackets and kept going. Neither one of us had rain pants in our packs, and we both found out the importance of having rain pants very quickly. Even hiking pants are heavy when they are wet, and very uncomfortable, and very cold. And my waterproof footwear did not keep the water from sliding down my ankle and soaking my socks, and feet. We were miserable in 10 minutes and ran back to the car. Now I carry rain pants as well as a rain jacket.

Happy Packing! My next post will be from the road.

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