Bugs, webs and a turtle in the road. 

Louisiana is green and lush this year. And humid today.  I have acclimated to Washington state weather, so you may think  I am exaggerating about the humidity.  But, Kerry’s curls are a testitment to the wet weather.   

Driskill mountain is the highest point in the state of Louisiana.  It’s located in the north on route 507.  We find it easily, down a quiet 2 lane country road.  Kerry suddenly swerves.   “What’s that?”  A turtle.  We missed the turtle and it lives on to cross the road. The mixture of pines and maples along the road gave way just a bit where the church and cemetery mark the trail head.  


This is a very easy one mile in and one mile back road.  While there’s s a bit of an incline, it’s a cake walk. The annoying part of this hike is the bugs.  Whether  they are buzzing, biting or building webs across the path, you will encounter bugs.   If spider webs freak you out, let someone else walk in front of you.  The trail is heavily wooded and has a ground cover of leaves and needles.  It is a pretty stroll.  Prior to heading out we were greeted by a church member who was happy to chat.  She confirmed the hike was easy and reminded us to sign the register.  

The 3 corgi amigos came with us on this trek.  They were great until Helen, recently introduced to a kiddie pool, decided to lay down in a mud puddle.  The only mud puddle on the trail.  

Once on the road again, we headed toward Mississippi.   When we realized we were passing west Monroe, home of the Duck Dynasty Gang, we decided to stop at the gift store.  Then we stopped at Academy Sports since our tarp needed to be replaced.  Then we wanted lunch.  So we asked where there was great crawfish and 3 people said Coney Island.   We even had a couple offer to show us the way.  But we ended up at a Coney Island hot dog stand with no fish in sight.  boo.  Now, we had to grab food on the run since we were an hour and a half off schedule.  

We have crossed over into Mississippi now, and the change in landscape was immediate.  Magnolia trees line the highway and the cicadas are singing.  We have a long drive today. 

Happy trails. 

One thought on “Bugs, webs and a turtle in the road. 

  1. So, I read all your articles. There are some wonderful places you guys have visited. I’m so jealous. Good luck on the next adventure. Miss you, Kerry. Love, Dave. Kandahar, Afghanistan

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