A pony for your thoughts 

Today we hit our 5th HighPoint, Mt Rogers in Virginia. The hike was a little over 8 miles with an elevation gain of about 1500 ft.  That gain is mostly stair stepping up rocks.  

We started the day at “The Blowing Rock” because we wanted to kill some time.  The light rain was supposed to clear by noon, so we timed our hike to start later than normal.  

The Blowing Rock

When we arrived at the Grayson State park Massie Gap parking lot, it was foggy, windy, and cold.  With all our rain gear adorned, we started on the rhododendron trail.   It’s a grassy walk to the Appalachian Trail, where you start the climb upwards.  We actually detoured (oops) but got back on trail soon.  Is it called fog when actually you are walking through a cloud?    The clouds, low on the mountain, are what created the fog.  We felt like we were hikIng in Scotland.  

At the turn to the peak, we entered the enchanted forest.  Or that is what it felt like.  The fog created an eerie feeling, but when the sun peaked through, the light hit the green moss  for a most magical feeling. We walked right by the markers.  No plaque or sign here, just the geodesic marker to identify the peak. 


HP #5. Mt Rogers


After a short, chilly lunch we headed back down.  Through the whole hike we had several pony sightings.  The ponies are wild and help keep the vegetation down.  It was nice to see so many. 


Morning pony encounter in the fog


Afternoon encounter


Your not supposed to pet them, but they are obviously used to getting treats from hikers.  

Great hike, despite our limited views and cold chilly weather.   

Happy trails. 

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