The winding road

Another quick update.  Yesterday we hit HP #4 in Kentucky and it is an interesting drive.  We came from the south through Appalachia in Virginia. We climbed out of the valley on one of the most narrow, twisting, steep roads we have ever taken.  The guard rails are a joke, they wouldn’t stop your car from plunging over the side if you took a hair pin turn too wide.  You would plunge to your death or be impaled by trees if you went over. At the crest of the mountain right at the VA and KY state line, there is a paved road that may as well be dirt.  It is also running along a ridge with a plunging drop.  We bounced down the road, and passed the huge FAA tower, where we took the left dirt road and finally hit the top of KY.  It isn’t much to see.  


But the vegetation was lush and the birds and bugs were out in force.  So many that we ditched the idea of eating lunch up on the site.   




We are in VA today heading out to Mt Rogers.  

Happy trails

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