My latest book was a big departure from my “Girl” theme.  Instead, I’m going to recommend a book about a particularly grumpy old man.   “A Man Called Ove” by Fredrik Backman.   It is an easy read, not too thought provoking.  It gets 4 stars overall and 4 running stars.

“Ove is 59.  He drives a Saab.  He’s the kind of man that points at people he doesn’t like the looks of, for instance, as if they were burglars and his index finger a policeman’s flashlight.”  And so the story of Ove begins, one where we learn of Ove’s unusual boyhood, his father, his work ethic and how he fell in love.  We learn all this along the way as we read about Ove today; a man forced into early retirement, and a recent widower that is ready to follow his wife to the afterlife.  But no matter what he tries, his neighbors are constantly interrupting his plans, and he has to put off dying until another day.   This is a simple, heart-warming story, one that was easy to guess the outcome, but still managed to keep my interest.  I think what made this such a good read for me was  the simple directness of the author.  He doesn’t wax poetic, he doesn’t fill gaps with unnecessary  prose, rather he just tells a story with feeling and honesty.   And a quite a bit of humor.  Maybe it was because I related with Ove – at various parts he reminded me of my grandfather, my husband, and myself.  The author really managed to create a character you wanted to know, not all good, not all bad, not easy to understand all the time, but interesting and funny.   Try it out.

Side Note:  On my sister’s advice I started “The Martian” by Andy Weir and boy has it captured my attention.  I am a little more than halfway through and I can’t stop reading this book.  I will give you the full lowdown when I finish (wonder if I will still be as enthusiastic), but I cannot believe how much I am enjoying such a technical book – it’s a math lover’s dream!

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Happy Trails

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  1. Hi Kat may I recommend the truth and other lies by sacha arango. mystery.hope you and Wayne are well. come visit.

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