Summer hiking trip HP #1

We hit Delaware’s state high point today.  It’s located right on a suburban street, so there was no real hike (we did have to walk across the street).  It sits at at 448 ft above sea level.  While today’s goal  wasn’t a hike, we will be hitting 8 more HPs this week.  I will be posting a short note each day.  I promise to post more in depth at the end of the trip.

Here is the mighty trio: Kat, Kerry and Jason

2 thoughts on “Summer hiking trip HP #1

  1. This one makes me laugh!!! And by the way, how tiny is the NE that you can visit so many states in such a short time?! Crazy! I am looking forward to reading about all of the rest of your adventures this week! XX

    • Living in the middle of TEXAS does give you a feeling that everything is far away. Yes, there were days we were in 3 or 4 states, just crossing over state lines willy nilly.

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