The Best of 2018

I looked down at the folded clothing in my laundry basket, realizing that I was once again distracted during my daily tasks.  A “Best of 2018” list was dancing over the TV screen, and I had stopped mid-transit to the closet.  I really like the lists.  I stop what I’m doing to watch, or even worse, will go in search of them on youtube.  Yes, I know this is odd behavior, but as I grow older I realize how much of the previous year I’ve already forgotten.  Isn’t it nice to reminisce a little in our fast paced lives?

I even created my own “best of 2018” list:

  1. All of the people in my life I had time to enjoy:  We had over 25 people come visit us from out of town, we went to see family in Hawaii and California, and we met many new friends on the island.
  2. The good health we enjoyed.  Those of you who know us will understand the importance of having a healthy year!  No illness and no injury!
  3. Golf.  I learned how to golf (really golf) this year.  While I’m no “stick” I am enjoying playing.  Plus I have met the nicest people while having fun.
  4. Photos.  I still don’t have mad skills behind the camera, but I live in a pretty cool place so I get to take some cool photos

Here are some of the better Photos.  We will start with the Moon;


And then move to shots of Seattle;


Of course there is also Mt Rainier;


And then – well, just the water and sky shots;


Oh, and the Ferry;


I have also been able to catch a few animals in the yard;

DSC_1415DSC_0741DSC_0675DSC_0577DSC_0094DSC_0092DSC_0051DSC_0027And flowers;


I did go on a few trips this year so here are a few shots from my travels;


Thank you for visiting and sharing in my “best of 2018”. My one and only New Year’s resolution is to enjoy myself outside more. Hopefully I’ll get a few more hikes in, with the camera, and share more great shots!

Happy Trails

3 thoughts on “The Best of 2018

  1. This is a fabulous collection of photos. You guys have had an amazing year. I’m especially great full for the healthy part! I love seeing your adventures. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  2. What a great year! Thank you for all the pictures and sharing your positive outlook. Wishing you a wonderful 2019.


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